As You know, "Ulduz" Chocolate Factory cooperates with the Belgian chocolate producer Barry Callebaut. During the Festival Factory has presented its delicious products - chocolates, candies, bars, gift boxes etc. to visitors.

The main product of the Factory is natural Favo bars with low-calories. Favo bars are healthy foods due to its grain content and pure chocolate. Types of Favo bar are: Chocolate and Orange. Also, visitors of Festival have tasted chocolates with milk, jelly and hard candies and etc, such as: "Khoncha", "Tango", "Coco Ulduz", "Sweet".  İt should also be noted that, the Factory has organized the sale of new premium gift boxes, such as "Azerbaijan Chocolate" and "I Love Azerbaijan" chocolate boxes made on the basis of traditional Belgian technology for 28 May-Republic Day.

We carefully control our production process from the stage of raw materials delivery to the moment of finished products release. We select only the best raw materials to satisfy customer tastes. And we are the first local food company to win the British Retailers Association and International Food Standards on the basis of certificates, such as "Halal Food" and "Kocher".