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The factory, received the BRC certificate for the first time in the country years ago, this time managed to win the A-level certificate, which is the highest level of the organization. It should be noted that in order to obtain the highest grade A certificate from BRC, the world's most difficult inspection system, any manufacturing facility must meet three conditions: food safety, high product quality and compliance of all procedures at the plant with EU standards. By obtaining this certificate, "Ulduz" Chocolate Factory, which has been producing quality products for many years, proves once again that it meets the above conditions. One of the advantages of this certificate, which covers international food safety, is that the factory promotes exports, ensuring trust and food safety among partners and customers abroad. It should be noted that "Ulduz" Chocolate Factory, established in 2001, is not only the country's leading national brand in terms of quality, range and technology, but also ensures the recognition of the "Made in Azerbaijan" brand abroad by exporting products to more than 20 foreign countries.